[Kde-science] simple plotting library

Jason Harris kstars at 30doradus.org
Sun Nov 28 23:55:20 CET 2004


FYI:  we developed a simple data-plotting library for KStars; it is 
also currently being used by Kalzium.  The library provides a 2-D plot 
widget (KPlotWidget) and a class containing data to be plotted 
(KPlotObject).  The library is on KDE CVS:

On another note, do any of the KDE data-plotting programs (QtiPlot, 
Kst, etc) provide a command prompt or a scripting interface?  I 
currently use "supermongo" for data plotting at work, which allows me 
to type in commands to read data from a file, set the plot limits, plot 
the data, etc.  I find this much more efficient than using a GUI.

thanks for creating the list,

KStars: http://edu.kde.org/kstars
kstars at 30doradus.org
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