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Sat Nov 5 00:57:36 CET 2005

Hi Iglos!

On Fri 04 Nov 2005 21:20, Lidyon F. wrote:
>    My name is Iglos Livramento , and I would like to join KDE's development
> team. IMHO, Kde is the greatest free software project nowadays, I have been
> using it since I started with GNU/Linux, about two years ago. During this
> time I kept watching its improvements and admiring it , now I want to
> contribute, to be "part of the revolution". I hope there is a place for
> me...

Of course there is a place for you. Welcome!

> For  now I can not help too much in code, cause I only know a modest 
> C/C++, but not in a KDE perspective ( yet ). I would like to know if that
> KDE 2 programming  book can be useful and can be used for KDE 3.x  (even
> 4.x : ), or if it is obsolete and should be forgiven. I am looking for a
> good knowledge source that guide me trough the steps of learning KDE
> programming , if you could point me one or more , I would be pleased ...

The original version of the book is a bit outdated (though it can still be 
useful). However, in, you'll find a 
translation of the book in Brazilian Portuguese with code samples updated to 
KDE 3. Perhaps it might be useful for you. If you have specific doubts, mail 
me privately and I will be happy to try to help you.

Thank you!

> ps: sorry for the bad english, I am brazilian and my native language is
> portuguese ...

No problem. BTW, I'm Brazilian too :)

	Henrique Pinto
	henrique.pinto at

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