[Kde-print-devel] [Bug 134782] [KDE4] Make CUPS printer detection stoppable! Integrate progress indication with main window?

Maciej Pilichowski bluedzins at wp.pl
Tue Jan 9 19:50:01 CET 2007

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Now, I am lost in my own report :-)

a) nope. I didn't ask for auto-detect printer, I can make a mistake, I was choosing "print preview". I can teach somebody. I can have disabilities. Print dialog is too offensive.
ad.a) show "no printer". Just like that. 

d) wait, wait, so having no printer, is an error? If I cannot print (actually I could "print" to pdf) then disable the "print" item -- less confusion, and less irritation from users who do not have printer

e) (added) javascript -- wrong assumption, I could click at "go here" and print dialog could popup -> auto detection -> error

I still think there is lot of mis-design here. Not having a printer is normal situation, not an error or nobody's fault. If you are not disabling "print" item in case of no active printers, then allow user to move gently through printing or canceling printing.
Besides -- when I click "print" (on menu) it does not mean I actually print it. I can have second thought right? For example -- no time to print 200 pages, no enough paper, bad margines, typo spotted, etc. So this printer auto-detection is simply misplaced -> Kcontrol is the right way (or at least ask user "no printer configured yet, do you ...." -- however it is some kind weaker solution).

Ufff... :-)

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