[Kde-pim] A new class of "Personal Information Manager"

Stephen Kelly steveire at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 18:33:58 GMT 2008

Janne Ojaniemi wrote:

> Am I making any sense here, or am I talking crazy? If you feel that the
> scope of this post doesn't really belong here (although it is about
> "PIM"), let me know :).


(context for nepomuk ml:

Yes, your ideas make a lot of sense to me. Many of them are also part of the
explicit goals of nepomuk and/or akonadi.

>From your description, it looks like an this stuff would make extensive use
of Nepomuk, because those semantic links is what Nepomuk is all about.

It is also something that akonadi could be used for.

The only part I'm not sure is necessary is the new 'journal application' you
describe. Though a simpler application could be useful to fit this role. 

> The app I have in my mind is a journaling-app. It's a place for the user
> to keep his journal. It could also contain video, images and sounds. It 
> could basically be used to write the story of the users life, from
> day-to-day.  

What about instead of using the journaling app to hold the video, images and
sounds (maybe by drag and drop like basket works), you use dolphin to tag
or 'mark' images, videos, sounds or music on your hard drive, or use amarok
to mark songs, or gwenview to mark images, or konqueror to mark youtube

Then you could use dolphin or konqueror with a url like
nepomuksearch:/markeditems?time=today. I'm not sure exactly how nepomuk
urls work, but time could also be yesterday, or 2/2/2008 or 'between two
and four weeks ago'.

I think all that I've just describes already works.

I'm not sure if the journaling app as you describe it is necessary then at
all, but a simple one could certainly be made to hide the details of
nepomuk urls from the user. Maybe I'll even write it. I'll be learning some
details of nepomuk anyway soonish.

You might be interested in the SemNotes application described here:

> The contents in the journal could be cross-referenced with each other
> (like in a database). 

The database is whatever nepomuk backend is being used.

> When you mention someone in your journal, the app could tell
> you other things and events where that person is mentioned.

Ideally this would happen if you mention someone in kmail or korganizer,
kjots etc either. Not just in the journal app. This should be one of the
results of akonadi integration in those applications. ie, you mention 'John
Doe', who akonadi knows an email and phone number for etc. 

> The app could also provide a plasmoid for quick dataentry.

That happens to be one of my goals for the next generation of KJots. The
KDE4.2 goal is not going to happen, but it might happen for KDE4.3

You should also be able to simply mark your KNotes in this way too.

As to the question of when the remaining issues will be worked out, I'm not
sure. As most of the nepomuk stuff is already in place, the small app I
described above could probably be available for 4.3 if someone writes it.
As for creating 'meaningful' links (car etc) in kjots, knotes, kmail,
possibly 4.3 too. That will be a question of integrating nepomuk stuff into
existing applications, which means the developers getting familiar with
nepomuk and how to communicate with it.



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