[Kde-pim] A new class of "Personal Information Manager"

Janne Ojaniemi janne.ojaniemi at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 18:50:12 GMT 2008

> What about instead of using the journaling app to hold the video, images
> and
sounds (maybe by drag and drop like basket works), you use dolphin to tag
> or 'mark' images, videos, sounds or music on your hard drive, or use amarok
> to mark songs, or gwenview to mark images, or konqueror to mark youtube
> videos.

While that could work, I don't really find it that appealing. You would then
have two separate systems to access and manage the content. If you
accidentally delete the files in Dolphin, they would disappear from the
other app as well. Of course apps like Gwenview already hold their files in
such a way that they could be accesssed with apps like Dolphin, but it does
not rely on Dolphin to manage those files.

> I'm not sure if the journaling app as you describe it is necessary then at
> all, but a simple one could certainly be made to hide the details of
> nepomuk urls from the user. Maybe I'll even write it. I'll be learning some
> details of nepomuk anyway soonish.
> > When you mention someone in your journal, the app could tell
> > you other things and events where that person is mentioned.
> Ideally this would happen if you mention someone in kmail or korganizer,
> kjots etc either. Not just in the journal app.

Exactly. It would work in Kmail and other apps as well. Hell, it could even
work in apps like Kopete, depending on how extensive and feature-rich the
Nepomuk/Akonadi-integration is in the apps. The only limits would be set by
the level of Nepomuk/Akonadi-integration in the desktop.

> As to the question of when the remaining issues will be worked out, I'm not
> sure. As most of the nepomuk stuff is already in place, the small app I
> described above could probably be available for 4.3 if someone writes it.
> As for creating 'meaningful' links (car etc) in kjots, knotes, kmail,
> possibly 4.3 too. That will be a question of integrating nepomuk stuff into
> existing applications, which means the developers getting familiar with
> nepomuk and how to communicate with it.

While what I describe could be possible if we tied several apps together, I
would ideally like a central tool to handle it. That is, instead of using
Kjots (or some other app) to write the journal, Dolphin to access images and
other files and so forth, I would like for some coherence and focus.

Besides, other apps would tie in to this, thanks to Kopete/Akonadi. The
content in the journal could be shared with other apps.

As to the importance of having a journal-app.... Well, there currently is no
journaling-app in KDE. Journal in Kontact is not really suitabe. There are
text-editors and the like, but there is no proper app for writing and
keeping a journal.Of course I could simply create a text-file which I would
edit with a text-editor, but that's hardly ideal.
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