[Kde-pim] KMail Usability Issues

Ingo Klöcker kloecker at kde.org
Tue Nov 11 20:13:16 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 11 November 2008, Sander van Grieken wrote:
> > On Monday 10 November 2008, Matthias Fuchs wrote:
> >> * what is the difference between a normal-filter and a pop-filter?
> >
> > POP filters are applied before a message is downloaded from a POP
> > account. This way one can get rid of spam without downloading the
> > whole spam message.
> >
> > Normal filters are applied to new messages in the IMAP inbox resp.
> > to messages downloaded from a POP account (after the download of
> > the full message) or a local mailbox.
> >
> >> I think I know it though I think this extra menu-entry does no
> >> good
> >
> > What do you propose instead?
> Aah yes I've been annoyed by this as well.
> My proposal: Merge the two filter options. Change the filtering so
> that the filters that CAN act on a message without downloading it
> will do that first. This might also benefit IMAP filtering in some
> situations.

Hmm, this might indeed make sense although we would probably have to 
sacrifice "Download mail later" and the corresponding confirmation 
dialog because this wouldn't make much sense in this scenario. We 
should keep this in mind when we implement the filtering agent for 

> >> * wth are "Sieve"-scripts? there is no information provided there
> >> what that could mean, no help-button or whatever
> >
> > If you don't know, don't bother. What do you propose? Hide
> > everything some users might not know?
> I agree with Matthias that there should be some (minimal)
> documentation. A while back I did some googling, but found not much
> end-user ready information.

Yeah, we, the coders, suck at writing documentation. Help is very 
welcome and would be much appreciated.

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