[Kde-pim] A new class of "Personal Information Manager"

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 16:17:10 GMT 2008

2008/11/28 Janne Ojaniemi <janne.ojaniemi at gmail.com>:
> Am I making any sense here, or am I talking crazy? If you feel that the
> scope of this post doesn't really belong here (although it is about "PIM"),
> let me know :).

You are making very little sense. You have a lot of great ideas, but
you are in the wrong place to express them.

In this forum, we discuss KDE-PIM, including it's features, bugs, and
new feature ideas. You seem to have lots of new feature ideas, in
fact, enough to make a new application (as you state). Therefore, this
is not the place.

If you want to suggest a new feature for KDE-PIM, you can bring it up
here or file it on Bugzilla. Be very specific as to what you want,
including how it will be accessed (from which screen), how it will
behave, how it will store data, and so forth. If you want to suggest
many new features, then do the same for each feature _individually_.
We share with you a desire to make KDE-PIM better, but the specifics
of your idea only you would know.

You also might want to join the official Zim mailing list (from
Launchpad.net). Some of your ideas seem relevant to Zim. But state
each one separately and be very specific and clear.

Dotan Cohen


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