[Kde-pim] Korganizer: The Next Generation

Janne Ojaniemi janne.ojaniemi at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 06:08:02 GMT 2008

> I had a look at the mockup, it reminds me a bit to Sunbird/Lightning. ;-)

I think that all calendar-apps look somewhat similar to each other :).

Kontact provides by far the best interface out of these three applications.
> It
> allows quick stepping throw the "calendar" (the calendar widget in the
> upper
> left corner which controls the timeframe for the view on the right  side),
> having a quick look at the details of an event (not only as popup - in the
> middle left side), fast switching between calendars and a reasonable view
> (using week view most of the time).
> The best of KOrganizer is IMHO to have all of them available, this avoids
> switching between different views. It saves time, and that's what's
> important
> when you have a job.

Most of the benefits you mention here are not altered in my suggestion.
Well, maybe selecting different calendars is, since in this suggestion, they
would be selected eiter through menubar or through a tab in the text-area to
the left.

> While I agree that a home user might be overwhelmed by all the views, I'm
> quite sure that a lot of people in companies like the KOrganizer interface.
> Please take also the corporate users into account if you are going to
> discuss
> changes in the user interface.

I have no desire to cripple Korganizer :). But I do think that the current
UI makes the app quite hard to approach, which means that all those powerful
features do not get used, since users are overwhelmed. If they basic tasks
are very easy to approach, they start doing those tasks. And then they can
be introduced to the more advanced features. But right now it seems that
Korganizer wants to introduce all of it's functionality to the user roght
from the start, and the user gets confused and overwhelmed.

What was that old saying? "Make easy tasks easy, make impossible tasks
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