[Kde-pim] frequent kmail crashes in listview

Szymon Tomasz Stefanek pragma at kvirc.net
Tue Nov 25 20:35:43 GMT 2008

On Tuesday 25 November 2008, Thomas McGuire wrote:

> Yes, please report to Trolltech. Another highly visible crash in Qt it
> seems:(
> Make sure you remove the "par->setExpanded(...)" line before sending it in,
> since that causes a segfault before the real assert is triggered.
> The style used for this doesn't seem to matter.

Oops... looks like I tarballed a wrong version of the main.cpp: shame on me.
I will double check the files I send in attachment, I will double check
the files in attachment, I will double check the files in attachment...

However, as Thomas suggests, the example works as expected (that is, causes
the assert) once the par->setExpanded() line is removed. The corrected
tarball is attached in case someone wants to try it out.

I've sent a report to qt-bugs and I'd explicitly disable animation in
the KMail folder view for now...

Szymon Tomasz Stefanek

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