[Kde-pim] user css controlled mail appereance... reload.

Thomas L├╝bking thomas.luebking at web.de
Wed Nov 19 09:23:27 GMT 2008

Ok, ping and proof of concept patch attached.

Next steps:

- i want to completely remove the brief/fancy/enterprise/custom headerstyle 
stuff and replace it with a generic headerstyle (like the current custom one, 
with some hardcoded html for the fallbacks)
in case of the enterprise style, i'd suggest to take it out of the code and 
add it as ordinary (file based) custom style.

- therefore the custom style list (currently in kmreadermainwin) should move 
to headerstyle (and taken from there for the ui) and get the virtual brief, 
long, fancy things injected

- change some of (the new) function and dir/file names (like message.css 
instead mail.css and senderPicURL instead of photoURL)
(changing kmmessage.h triggers a complete kmail recompile... so i delayed that 
for the moment ;-)

- i could need advice on which color roles really need to be supported 
(csshelper), which mail tags i forgot (headerstyle / headerstrategy) and if we 
should keep autoadding "!important" to the usercss files

- due to the style/strategy split we got some redundancy (i worry about the 
photourl and especially the spamlevel...)
should we cache such values (if not already done so, but photourl can be a 
hexdata string for the image...) in kmmessage?

- atatched is a demo style, untarbz2 into e.g. ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail and add 
a "MailStyle=Demo" key to ~/.kde/share/config/kmailrc [Reader]

i was about to add a combobox to the config dialog, but just figured out KDE's 
in i18n fix anyway... (another i18n thing: i18n("From: ") should maybe change 
to i18n("from") a.s.o. - css or html can append a ":" and also capitalize)

last but not least: demo style (on pretty new custom html support) will need a 
little love =D

So much for the moment.


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