[Kde-pim] Working 2-way sync between KDE PIM and PDA / Phone?

tic tic at tictric.net
Sun Nov 30 14:03:26 GMT 2008

Am Sonntag, 30. November 2008 12:34:29 schrieb Gunter Ohrner:
> Hi!
> Sorry if this is an FAQ, I could not find any definitive information about
> this topics current state so far. I'm happy about any pointers to
> relevant documentation. I also already wrote to -users@ but got no
> positive reply.
> My WristPDA died and I'm currently looking for a new PDA or Smartphone.
> I'm absolutely willing to choose my new device depending on how it works
> together with KDE PIM.
> Is there any device (or, even better, sync protocol) out there which
> allows flawless bidirectional syncs of at least addresses and schedules?
> In general the information I found (mainly on mailing lists) was not too
> promising. :-(
> I read that OpenSYNC will not be ready in time for KDE 4.2. Does this
> effectively mean that there currently is no reliable sync solution and
> there won't be for KDE 4.2? I also read that kpilot may be in shape for
> KDE 4.2, so currently KDE 4.1 also cannot sync with Palms, but KDE 4.2
> might?

I've been syncing my Treo for the last 3 years at least with KPilot and had 
(almost) no problems. I admit, sometimes it's a bit touchy but syncing address 
book and organizer works good enough for me.

The biggest problem I experience when I try to sync the phone with a second 
computer. Then it messed things up last time I tried (backups can be helpful). 
And syncing Notes also doesn't work on my setup so I disabled it. 
Unfortunately I just don't have enough time to look into that problem close 
enough to bring in a useful bug report.

The biggest problem here is actually that PalmOne is trying very hard to go 
bankrupt as soon as possible. And they are doing a good job in this regard. 
Therefore I'm hoping that some other device that suits my needs'll ascend 
somewhere on the horizon rather sooner then later. Maybe from Nokia?

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