[Kde-perl] Is PerlQt still alive?

Peter Daum gator_ml at yahoo.de
Mon Jun 6 16:30:30 CEST 2005

Is there still any active development going on?

I am totally new to perlqt and just trying to find
out, whether it would be suitable for my purposes.
What I am looking for, is some GUI-toolkit (mostly
Linux) with Perl-bindings and a GUI-designer.
It looks like the best options would be GTK2/Glade
or PerlQt. I already tried GTK2 (which works
well). If I could use Qt instead with similar ease,
I probably would prefer that.

I am a little concerned, that this might turn out to
be another dead end: I want to reimplement an
application, that I originally wrote with Kylix, which
seemed to be a good idea at the time but is
now pretty much abandoned and Kylix applications are 
becoming increasingly difficult to maintain on current
Linux distributions.

Unfortunately, PerlQt also looks a little deserted at
first glance (Last release 2 years ago despite some
open issues, little traffic in this mailing list ...)
At the moment it probably still would be good enough,
but not too far away from now, qt3 will be mostly
replaced by qt4.
What is your opinion: will PerlQt still be around for
a while, keeping up with the further development in

               Peter Daum

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