Key annoyance

Dawid Wróbel dawid at
Fri Sep 29 01:59:39 CEST 2006


	I was hoping for this bug to be somehow fixed in 0.1, but it's
still here. 
	Sometimes, when I am trying to connect to the network,
after already beeing associated with AP but having the dhcp negotiation
not finalized for some longer time ( 'DHCP daemon state is now 7
(unknown) for interface ath0' in logs), I am asked for the key. I
guess it assumes the password I entered earlier is incorrect and I
understand this behaviour.  As I found out, the reason for this dhcp
negotiation taking too long is bad signal level.
	Anyway, since I am sure the key is correct I try to
reconnect by clicking on the network name on the list again. What I
can't understand is why am I beeing immediately asked for the key? This
is wrong, as I want another connection attempt, not to enter another
key. Knetworkmanager won't stop asking for the key like this until I
restart it. I think that when it asks the user for
new key and it's not beeing given such (i.e. user closes the windows)
it should assume the key is correct and not ask for it again.

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