Music Player in KDE Multimedia Applications

Matthieu Gallien gallien.matthieu at
Wed Feb 1 21:44:06 GMT 2017


> Hi,

Hello Olivier,

> As Allen said, I haven't check EBN for a while and I'm not responsible of it
> so I can't help.
> Just as an off-topic comment:
> You contacted me a while ago, when your player was not so mature. Now I
> think it would really be a very good addition to the KDE apps.

Thank you for your nice comment.
I am still unconvinced of its readyness right now but I will try my best to 
make it ready.

> BTW: I installed it from the AUR (on Arch) and it seems that the location of
> the music is hardcoded as "/home/mgallien/musique", and there is no
> settings dialog: am I right? (for the hardcoded bit, it's in   src/file/
> localfilelisting.cpp:62

Yes, this was a quick test at a music indexer with Qt and KFileMetaData in 
parallel of Baloo. I thought I had tasks with an higher priority before doing 
a settings panel and finishing this part.

I am still trying to find a way to prioritize my TODO list that maximizes the 
added value given my available time.

> Cheers
> Olivier

Best regards

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