Review Request 130212: Fix confused by the different with QTemporaryDir and QDir issue

Leslie Zhai lesliezhai at
Wed Aug 2 05:51:25 BST 2017

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Review request for KDE Multimedia, Albert Astals Cid, Anthony Fieroni, and Harald Sitter.

Bugs: 383011

Repository: k3b


Hi KDE developers,

tempDir was defined as `QScopedPointer<QTemporaryDir>` it is easy to create a unique directory for temporary use, and QScopedPointer's destructor will free the allocated memory automatically, brain-free :)

but it still mkdir all parenets directories in complicated way

so I just mkpath for temporary `VIDEO_TS` directory and provide correct temporary path, such as `/tmp/k3bVideoDvdfINBwV` to genisoimage, please review my patch, and give me some suggestion, thanks a lot!

Leslie Zhai


  libk3b/projects/videodvd/k3bvideodvdimager.cpp a8ae69a 




Leslie Zhai

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