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Michael Pyne mpyne at
Wed May 4 04:03:16 BST 2016

On Tue, May 3, 2016 08:55:28 Bernd Steinhauser wrote:
> Therefore I propose to either do the review on GitHub or, if you prefer
> that, I can send a patch series to the mailing list kernel-style (which
> would be over 40 Mails, though).
> Or maybe there is a possibility with reviewboard I didn't see.

Speaking just as far as reviews go, you might have more success with 
ReviewBoard by using its associated command-line tool (rbtools? I think it's 

However we're moving to a system called Phabricator which includes more 
Github-style reviewing functionality (called "Diffusion"). I haven't used it 
much but that system,, *may* support reviewing 
multiple commits (though again, you may need to use the associated command-
line tool, "arc").

The problem is that Phabricator would need a project already established for 
audex, and right now I believe each project must make a special request to be 
established on Phabricator first.

If those all fail it would probably fall to the mailing list, perhaps with a 
parallel Reviewboard instance of the mega-commit so that people can see the 
whole picture and then refer back to the individual commits if necessary.

I think the way that would work best is that instead of mailing all the 
patches, maybe whoever is reviewing could add your Github repo as a git remote 
and then go through the changes individually. They would then use the mailing 
list for particular commits where they need to note issues or request 
feedback, and eventually either the -1 or +1.

> In addition to the review, I would like to propose to add Audex to
> kde-multimedia and release it alongside of the other kde applications (like
> it's done with kdenlive these days).
> I've already talked to Marco about this and he would be ok with it as he
> does not have much time to spend on Audex.
> I can for sure try to help maintaining the code, but as I said above I don't
> have much experience with C++ and therefore I'm not sure if I'm the right
> person toact as a maintainer.

The person with time is probably best suited to act as a maintainer. C++ 
knowledge will follow :)

In any event I don't think it's a good idea to add any apps to kde-multimedia 
that have no maintainers... even apps like JuK that theoretically have a 
maintainer don't receive much love, we don't need more of that.

But as long as you can find a maintainer (or are willing to do it yourself) I 
would recommend going through the 'suggested review criteria' page 
( These are not 
ironclad rules but do give an idea of what reviewers might be looking at when 
trying to decide if the quality is enough to be included.

To actually get the new module created a good place to review is the relevant 
page for creating Framework modules,

You'll have to ignore KF5-specific steps (like "run astyle-kdelibs"), but many 
of the other steps will apply, like updating build metadata, sysadmin tickets, 
getting translations started, etc.

I'm not the kde-multimedia maintainer so they might have other suggestions as 
well, but I hope this helps anyways.

 - Michael Pyne
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