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Bernd Steinhauser linux at
Tue May 3 07:55:28 BST 2016


over the last months, Heiko and I spent some time portingthe CDDA Ripper Audex 
to KF5.
You can find the commits in my GitHub repository forAudex:

As this for me was the first time seriously working with C++/Qt/KDE code, I 
would kindly like to ask you to give me some feedback on the commitsto find and 
eliminate possible (and actual) bugs caused by the porting efforts.
And once you rate the code fine, I would like to ask for these commits to get 
merged back into KDE's repository and prepare it for a KF5-based release.
I know that KDE normally uses reviewboard for reviews, but afaics, it does not 
support merge request and would squash everything into a single commit, which is 
definitely wrong in my opinion.
Therefore I propose to either do the review on GitHub or, if you prefer that, I 
can send a patch series to the mailing list kernel-style (which would be over 40 
Mails, though).
Or maybe there is a possibility with reviewboard I didn't see.

I've used the KF5-based Audex version for quite a few runs now and to me it 
looks like everything is working, apart from the cover fetching.
It does not use libkcompactdisc anymore (thankfully Marco did most of the port 
to solid some time ago), but still requires (yet unreleased) libkcddb.
Apart from bug-hunting, there are 2 things I would like to do (or would like to 
have done) before a new release:
- Cover fetching: Google broke the API. There are patches for Bing, but they 
require the user to obtain a dev key, thus imo are not a good solution. I'm not 
sure if I can do this.
- Device selector: I would like to add a device selector so the user can choose 
which device should be used. Iwill have a try at this and I think I can do it, 
but not sure if I'llsucceed in a reasonable amount of time.

In addition to the review, I would like to propose to add Audex to 
kde-multimedia and release it alongside of the other kde applications (like it's 
done with kdenlive these days).
I've already talked to Marco about this and he would be ok with it as he does 
not have much time to spend on Audex.
I can for sure try to help maintaining the code, but as I said above I don't 
have much experience with C++ and therefore I'm not sure if I'm the right person 
toact as a maintainer.
Right now, the kio-based Ripper and kaudiocreator aren't ported to KF5, so imo 
KDE would benefit from adding Audex (and therefore a CD Ripper) to 
kde-multimedia, deprecating audiocd-kio.
While audiocd-kio is a nice approach, I think a dedicated app works just better 
for extracting audio CDs.

Please let me know what you think about this and if necessary what the 
requirements for such a step would beand whereand if I can help with such a 

Best Regards,
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