Introduce myself and my project

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Tue Dec 13 07:42:28 GMT 2016

Hey Matthieu,

Really cool stuff!

Since you mentioned Andrew, I would very much suggest that you get the
VDG actively involved if you haven't yet. Design input is always


On Mon, Dec 12, 2016 at 10:22 PM, Matthieu Gallien
<gallien.matthieu at> wrote:
> Hello KDE Multimedia Community,
> I am Matthieu Gallien. I was introduced to KDE when it was at version 3.3 a
> long time ago. I work as a software developer mainly with C++.
> I have been doing a very small work on Plasma a few years ago.
> I have been working on a music player for more than one year. I started to
> work on it because I wanted to have a nice music player dealing with UPnP DLNA
> and portable to my Android phone. Now the goal is a bit different and I also
> want to integrate local (and online) sources of music. But the main reason for
> my work is still to deliver a music player with a deep integration with UPnP
> but being nice to use without.
> Right now, the only way to get music in it is to get Baloo to index it.
> UPnP code is split between a library and my application. The SOAP support is
> done with KDSoap. Right now, it is mainly disabled or broken.
> I have been very inspired by the design work from Andrew Lake in the VDG
> forum.
> I have started a wiki page to give information about Elisa (https://
> I am a bit shy to publicly talk about my project since to me it really seem
> far from being "finished". I still believe I should be more involved in KDE
> Multimedia community.
> I hope Elisa could become an application useful to more people than me.
> Best regards

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