Introduce myself and my project

Matthieu Gallien gallien.matthieu at
Mon Dec 12 21:22:19 GMT 2016

Hello KDE Multimedia Community,

I am Matthieu Gallien. I was introduced to KDE when it was at version 3.3 a 
long time ago. I work as a software developer mainly with C++.

I have been doing a very small work on Plasma a few years ago.

I have been working on a music player for more than one year. I started to 
work on it because I wanted to have a nice music player dealing with UPnP DLNA 
and portable to my Android phone. Now the goal is a bit different and I also 
want to integrate local (and online) sources of music. But the main reason for 
my work is still to deliver a music player with a deep integration with UPnP 
but being nice to use without.

Right now, the only way to get music in it is to get Baloo to index it.

UPnP code is split between a library and my application. The SOAP support is 
done with KDSoap. Right now, it is mainly disabled or broken.

I have been very inspired by the design work from Andrew Lake in the VDG 

I have started a wiki page to give information about Elisa (https://

I am a bit shy to publicly talk about my project since to me it really seem 
far from being "finished". I still believe I should be more involved in KDE 
Multimedia community.

I hope Elisa could become an application useful to more people than me.

Best regards

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