Developer Poll: Evolving KDE Music Player

Andrew Lake jamboarder at
Fri Sep 4 23:37:51 BST 2015

After some good discussions and offers to help, I want to make sure that
those wonderful offers don't go to waste. So I've created a poll to help us
move forward.

I think what matters is what the interested developers are most motivated
to do. Those who do the work gets to decide. So, if you are a developer and
have offered to help or are directly interested in helping with this
effort, I encourage you to go to this poll and express your honest
preference based on what motivates you the most.

If you have no intention, or ability to contribute development time to this
effort, this a polite request to skip voting, since the results should
really reflect the motivation of the folks genuinely prepared to do the
work. My contribution to this effort is primarily as a designer, so I'll
refrain from voting. :-)

Hope this helps,
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