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On 04 Aug, Ben Cooksley wrote :
> On Tue, Aug 4, 2015 at 10:38 PM, Martin Sandsmark
> <martin.sandsmark at> wrote:
> > On Tue, Aug 04, 2015 at 10:28:35PM +1200, Ben Cooksley wrote:
> >> We can't speak for our mirrors in terms of legal risk - those hosting
> >> VLC in the questionable countries may have decided they'll take the
> >> risk.
> >> The USA is the obvious problem country there...
> >
> > But what kind of legal risk are we talking about here?
> The same one Redhat / Fedora don't like at all, and which SUSE is
> working around...

Well Redhat got burned on MP3 patents in the past. That's why they are
afraid of everything multimedia and patents.

But the truth is this is mainly an excuse: they do ship Gstreamer, and
it has the same patents issues and a similar architecture to libVLC.

> > I can't really see why VLC would be worse than pretty much anything else we
> > ship in terms of patents, for example (there are patents covering a ton of
> > stuff we do).

It's not.
VLC does not implement codecs, not more than gstreamer, and is a
framework with numerous modules (400 in your average linux install),
like gstreamer or any other sane multimedia framework.
Patents are in those codec libraries, not in VLC.

VLC does not break any DRM, libdvdcss or libaacs do. Noone needs to ship

The true reason is that they have GStreamer, and they ship GStreamer,
and it's hard enough that they don't want another one to ship.
But GStreamer is very tied to Gnome technologes and is a key part of
GnomeOS and the new technologies (PulseVideo/Pinos). So far, it's hard
to use without PackageKit and they don't care if they break other use

The only good reason I've seen was that we have one tarball, instead of
one per module.

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