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Stefan Derkits stefan at
Mon Aug 3 19:16:51 BST 2015


On 2015-08-03 19:59, Ing. Konrad Renner wrote:
> OK, you are right. Now I understand what you mean :-). I think we talked past (aneinander vorbei geredet) ;-) because I too think it would be the best to store it in the extended attributes. 

not the extended attributes that baloo uses, the ones that not work on
FAT and Network File Share (according to [0]).

What I mean are the same tags as artists, title, genre, comments, ...
for music files are stored in.

Baloo already reads artist & title & some other things, we only would
need to make it read the rating attributes according to Freedesktop specs.

Anyways: Be sure that ratings will be stored in the files and (if I
could compile KFileMetadata on my system I would do it myself now ;) )
we will extend baloo to read them, so that they can be shown in other

Any one an idea of another use case for baloo then, except finding music
on your harddisk?



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