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Ing. Konrad Renner konrad.renner at
Mon Aug 3 18:59:36 BST 2015

OK, you are right. Now I understand what you mean :-). I think we talked past (aneinander vorbei geredet) ;-) because I too think it would be the best to store it in the extended attributes. 

Am 03.08.2015 7:40 nachm. schrieb Stefan Derkits <stefan at>:
> Hello Konrad, 
> On 2015-08-03 11:33, Ing. Konrad Renner wrote: 
> > The same is true for a Plasma music application: if it uses its own 
> > system for ratings, a possible new "Plasma multimedia application" 
> > cannot use this informations and so a user has to define them for each 
> > application. And I think the user will not be satisified, if he has to 
> > create the same ratings for the same files, in each application he uses. 
> > 
> > 
> > I think to reinvent the wheel for each application cannot be the goal. 
> of course, no don't reinvent the wheel, that doesn't make sense. 
> But using baloo for ratings would only be the KDE/Plasma way, the even 
> more compatible way is to use the Freedesktop specifications and store 
> ratings in id3 tags/vorbis comments/ape tags/... according to [0]. 
> Of course we would have to enable baloo to read those tags, no idea if 
> it could be changed to also write the tags (although media players would 
> write them directly via Taglib). 
> Stefan 
> [0] 
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