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Am 2015-08-01 22:08, schrieb Stefan Derkits: 

> well but if I only store it in Baloo then music players, assuming they
> follow the freedesktop specification, that don't use baloo would not be
> able to read the ratings.

if it is stored in the extended file attributes (which baloo uses, or
used) then every application can read that informations and it makes no
sense which technology is used. 

If you use eg Dolphin for file browsing, you have the option to rate
files and see the ratings, so if you rate a file in the music
application and when you browse your files, this rating is not shown, a
user can be confused. 

Also the "semantic" information is relevant for activities I think. Eg
It makes a difference to which music I am listing if I am coding, or if
I am just relaxing. So integrating the music player with the activities
system also makes sense. 

The other point is a markenting point I think: you can show a friend
your Plasma desktop and tell him "look all informations are shared
system across, can your Windows system do the same?" 

BTW: I love this discussion :-), many views on a product are important
to get really great software ;-) 
 Mit freundlichen Grüßen
 Ing. Konrad Renner 
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