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Ing. Konrad Renner konrad.renner at
Sat Aug 1 07:47:48 BST 2015

the player (no matter if it is Amarok, JuK or a new one) must be integrated well in Plasma (eg usage of baloo for ratings, tags). If I use Plasma, it does not matter for me if it runs standalone on eg Windows.

By the way: Are there any plans to port Bangarang to Plasma 5 and baloo?

Sidenote: I think baloo uses the "extended file attributes". The digikam guys already worked on porting a nepomuk backend to baloo, so maybe they can help with their experience. You can find some details here:

Yours, Konrad

Am 01.08.2015 12:05 vorm. schrieb Stefan Derkits : > > Hi, > > On 2015-07-31 23:43, kainz.a wrote: > > what's the problem with using Amarok? In kde4 times they are the first > > application that use plasma. now I think an qt 5 port is still open so this > > would be the perfect time to get into an redesign isn't it? If the amarok > > developers don't like an redesign (what I can understand, because the last > > redesign was not that fun) maybe with the port to qt5 the UI can be more > > separate so a lot of code can be shared. > > as I wrote in my previous mails, nothing is set in stone yet. > > But this will (most probably) not be something like Amarok 3. Why not? > One thing is that you can't throw away probably 70 % of the features, > never ever accept those features back into the application (remember: > This should be a simple music player, designed for "standard" users of > Plasma 5, not users that want to use tons of features in their music > player) and call it Amarok. > > Codebase could probably be shared, but it seems easier to start from a > simpler (e.g. the PMC) codebase. But that is a technical decision that > will be done when a team has formed :) > > > baloo integration is for me a must, because plasma offers this and so we > > should use it. > > If using baloo fits into the vision (which I think would fit because > non-experienced users maybe don't know where there music is), why not > use it. PMC uses it, Bangarang used Nepomuk. > > Stefan > > _______________________________________________ > kde-multimedia mailing list > kde-multimedia at >
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