Juk power inhibition

James Daniel Smith smithjd15 at gmail.com
Wed May 29 03:01:11 BST 2013

Sorry for the resend, a screenshot attachment got scrubbed.

After fixing the emit issue, I did a bit more work to polish the supress 
feature, including a config entry and a toolbar button etc. etc.

Attached is what I came up with for a revised toolbar for playback, 
including the supress button taking the place of a record button for a 
cassette deck. Record usually took play also to actually record, so I can 
see how that may have been arrived at. This button features the 
hibernate-suspend generic power management icon, and it hugs the 
volume slider.

I think the sunken part of the hibernate icon should look alright 
alongside the automatic graying playback state changer icons, though 
I don't know if this is a HIG concern or not. I also reversed the previous 
and next button icons to match a rather dated cassette deck that 
didn't have play-pause as its only method of playing back cassette 
tapes; the unit with simply play obviously had a record ability. For 
applications with only notably play-pause on one button perhaps  a 
consensus can be reached as far as purposefully leaving the buttons 
for previous / next doing just that, without any order reversal.

The model in question's (a tape deck on a combination CD / Tape 
player) controls were duplicated, including which order and purpose. 
Note the CD player has proper forward - back buttons, while the tape 
deck doesn't. For another model, a play-pause(cd player only), the 
controls match the old layout. 

Juk's separate play-pause just smack of a tape-deck. 

For the settings menu, there is also an option to allow to toggle the 
suspend mode.

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