Review Request 110273: Juk should be able to exclude folders.

Tom Li biergaizi2009 at
Sun May 12 03:15:40 BST 2013

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(Updated May 12, 2013, 2:15 a.m.)

Review request for KDE Multimedia.


The issues are fixed.


If we add some folders to Juk's watching list, Juk will add everything
in the folder. But sometimes, we don't want Juk to add some folders.
There isn't a way to exclude folders.

It is bugging me all the time. I can't stand it so I starting patching
it with a little C++ and Qt knowledge.

Here is my patch. If my patch can merge into mainline, our users
should be happier :). I don't have much C++ experience, there are some
hacks in my code, but that's the best what I can do. So please help me
to improve it.

This addresses bug 319106.

Diffs (updated)

  collectionlist.h e8c15de 
  collectionlist.cpp f4df66b 
  directorylist.h f13756f 
  directorylist.cpp b715a2c 
  directorylistbase.ui 6146726 
  playlist.h 1fc640b 
  playlist.cpp 2153f9b 
  playlistcollection.h d9fd9ff 
  playlistcollection.cpp fbb33a6 



Yes, it works for me.
But I need some help to improve the patch. Nobody reviews the new version? 


Tom Li

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