GSOC 2013: KMix2 Sound Menu application

Shubham Chaudhary shubhamchaudhary92 at
Sat May 4 12:17:07 BST 2013

Hello Alberto,

On 5/3/13, Alberto Gatto <albertogatto.mail at> wrote:
> Dear Kde-multimedia team,
> my name is Alberto Gatto and i'm a student interested in applying for the
> Gsoc2013. I'm writing to you because i'm interested in developing the Kmix2
> sound menu but at the same time i'm still unsure about some prerequisites

I think you're little late for GSoC if you've not applied yet. But
it's never too late in open source, there is Summer of Kde (SoK)

> because i've never really used the Qt framework so far, in fact i'd love to
> get a chance to learn it thanks to the Gsoc as a friend of mine (Diego

"The Book of Qt 4 - The Art of Building Qt Applications" &

> Casella aka "Polentino") did some time ago when he applied to develop
> Plasmate during summer. Seeing him working on KDE and listening to him made
> me eager to try this experience firsthand and i think this project would be
> a perfect fit for me.

In my personal experience one of the best ways to get up-to speed is
by solving minor bugs.

> I'm a 3rd year Computer Engineering student at the University of Padua, i
> have used and explored Linux for more than 10 years including compiling and
> testing KDE so i'm familiar with working on the latest code builds and so
> forth. At the moment i'm close to complete my final assignment therefore
> i'm confident i could start to look into the project as soon as needed.
> Anyway i'm looking forward to hear your opinion on this matter and whether
> my shortcomings can be covered by my effort and motivation.
> Kind regards

I'm just a student myself. I believe other guys here might guide even
you better. They're very helpful. You can also contact them on
Internet Relay Chat(IRC) channel #kde-multimedia

Shubham Chaudhary

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