Phonon GStreamer 1.0 porting

Rohan Garg rohangarg at
Fri Jan 11 20:06:11 GMT 2013

Hello handsome Multimedia people
I've been hacking away at PGST for a couple of weeks now, and trying
to port it to the new and awesome GStreamer 1.0 after being poked and
prodded by your very own multimedia overlord Harald.

So far I have bits and pieces working, for eg everything builds but
some functionality is either crippled or completely missing ( the
missing part being entirely missing from the new GStreamer 1.0 API )

What works right now : Stuff builds, doesn't error out, finds the
right libs, the kcm can play KDE-Sys-Log-In.ogg from the KCM module,
and detects audio cards just fine.

What doesn't work : Everything else.

I plan on cleaning stuff up ( Right now everything is just a really
huge uncommitted diff, sloppy I know ) and putting it in a proper git
repo once I have some basic functionality missing.

Just thought I'd let you guys know that someone is working on this so
that there's no duplicate effort. If someone else is working on this
as well, lets collaborate and port PGST to the new API! :D

Rohan Garg

PS: I'm not very familiar with GStreamer, so this is kind of a
learning experience for me, so please don't push me to /dev/null if I
ask a stupid question :P

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