KDE Multimedia Randa 2012 Sprint topic: Shipping and releasing applications

Christian Esken esken at kde.org
Thu Sep 20 11:06:31 BST 2012


I feel a need to discuss how we release KDE Multimedia applications [1].

I have the impression (please comment if you feel different) that most
KDE MM applications adhere to the KDE cycle only out of convention. At
least I can say that for me and KMix, and there are several reasons for
me to change that:

- Less work: Most time fix only one version, instead of various branches
- Faster fixes. Tag a new version, instead of waiting for a release
- Faster: Give testers experimental features or fixes (Feature Switches)
- Only one newest version, instead one "newest" per branch

Obviously changing has impact on various individuals:

1) Packagers/Distributions:
This is important: Unless distributions pick up the scheme this
discussion is void.
But distributions actually endorsed the split of kdemultimedia in
separate packages. Many distribution ship KMix since ages in its own
package (not even in a kdemultimedia package).

2) Translators:
Personally I could live very good with a couple of untranslated strings
until the next major KDE release, and the message freeze before a

3) Documentation writers:
There are so few documentation updates. If required we can make them on
KDE major releases only.

4) Developers:
Obviously I would be delighted. Would you too?


[1] See "Independent releases from KDE core releases" in the blog post:

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