API proposal: Phonon BackendInfo

Matěj Laitl matej at laitl.cz
Sun Sep 9 13:14:02 BST 2012

On 9. 9. 2012 Harald Sitter wrote:
> attached is a proposed api for phonon backend information as both
> amarok and tomahawk have diagnostics functionality that needs accurate
> information on the loaded backend. this addition would would address
> [1].
> feedback would be much appreciated.
> implementation-wise this is a no-brainer as we have all the
> information in the factory already, it is just a matter of exposing
> it.

+1 from me.

>     /** @returns \c true when this backend was provided by a platform plugin
>     */
>     bool isPlatformProvided() const;

Perhaps this has sense to people who known how Phonon is implemented in Qt, 
but I don't understand what "provided by platform plugin" means.

>     /**
>      * @returns Path the backend plugin file is located at or an empty
>      string
>      *          if the backend was provided by a platform plugin.
>      */
>     QString path() const;

A bit technical, but certainly helpful for Amarok Diagnostics page. 
Alternative to telling people to do `lsof -p $(pidof amarok) | grep phonon` to 
find our what phonon backend is actually used. (common error, people install 
new phonon backend, but the distro one is still loaded)

> #warning TODO: do we really want this here?
>     /** @returns \c true when the backend uses PulseAudio */
>     bool usesPulseAudio();

While this seems very quirky, we really do want to show this in Amarok 
Diagnostics as it affects too many things.

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