Review Request: Fix ObjectDescriptionModel<*>::staticMetaObject initialization on Qt5.

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Wed Oct 31 21:03:08 GMT 2012

David Faure wrote:

> I can't really review this code (without much research), but I completely
> support this "let's not let the fixes die for lack of review" strategy.

My strategy so far has been 'Don't bother doing the Qt 5 porting (to 
kdesupport). Let the maintainers decide when they care about Qt 5'. 

It's really just more for the same people (that is, the people working on 
KDE Frameworks) to maintain, so waiting for the actual maintainers (in this 
case, the phonon maintainers) to care about Qt 5 instead and doing something 
else instead could be time better spent. 

There are many such repos where we could spend time+energy on doing the 
porting, but if 'upstream' doesn't care about Qt 5 yet, then it's not 
necessarily a good idea.

That's just how I see it though :). You can go ahead as you wish.



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