Review Request: Remove QFSFileEngine useage from Phonon five.

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Sun Oct 21 10:59:07 BST 2012

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Review request for KDE Frameworks and Phonon.


Harald, what about this patch?

The new constructor should work correctly with Qt resources using file path (:/)
or URL (qrc://) syntax, valid URLs (including file:/// and file://hostname/ URLs),
relative file paths (relative to cwd), absolute file paths ("D:/", "D:\\", "/"),
and smb share file paths ("//hostname/", "\\\\hostname\\"). I dont't think
file://hostname/ URLs (and thus smb share file paths) can be played on platforms
other than windows (I know KIO don't support them), but that is not really a
phonon issue.

Unlike the old constructor, paths to non-existent files will work just like
URLs to non-existent files, e.g. it will result in a valid MediaSource with
a valid URL, which will fail once you try to actually play it.

Also unlike the old constructor, file::/// URLs will be considered a
MediaSource::LocalFile source, while a smb file path will be considered
a MediaSource::Url source. I did this as I think MediaSource::type()
should reflect whether the file returned by MediaSource::fileName() can
be opened rather than what syntax was used to create the MediaSource.


QFSFileEngine has been removed from Qt5, so rip it out of phonon/mediasource.cpp. Any pointers to a propper fix would be welcome.

Diffs (updated)

  phonon/mediasource.cpp 9e35094 




Jon Severinsson

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