Review Request: Always use cmake's internal automoc support.

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Sat Oct 20 19:32:19 BST 2012

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Review request for KDE Frameworks and Phonon.


Ok, I have now rebased the patch on the phonon five branch, or rather my "Phonon five merge and cleanup" patch that makes the phonon five branch work once master have been merged to it.

As kde frameworks already requires a higher cmake version, this change should be fine for the phonon five branch, and that is what I want to get working with Qt5 anyway...


Always use cmake's internal automoc support.

Beginning with version to 2.8.6 CMake have built in automoc support, thus making automoc4 unnecessary. The FindPhononInternal.cmake already uses the built in automoc support if available, but falls back to automoc4 when it isn't. This check will, however, get mighty confused when pressented with Qt5 rather than Qt4, and I figgured it was easier to just bump the required cmake version than to try debug why it didn't work. :P

Diffs (updated)

  CMakeLists.txt 2b74ba2 
  cmake/CMakeLists.txt 4a3886c 
  cmake/FindAutomoc4.cmake e08ae80 
  cmake/FindPhononInternal.cmake 20220a3 
  demos/metadatareader/CMakeLists.txt fe6eb60 
  demos/phota/CMakeLists.txt 2306c7e 
  demos/simplecapture/CMakeLists.txt 4a2e1b0 
  demos/simpleplayer/CMakeLists.txt 6824142 
  phonon/abstractaudiooutput.cpp a22757c 
  phonon/audiodataoutput.cpp 4b16014 
  phonon/backendcapabilities.cpp ee01460 
  phonon/effect.cpp 207dea2 
  phonon/factory.cpp 420b2ae 
  phonon/mediacontroller.cpp 657571d 
  phonon/pulsestream.cpp 7d4289c 
  phonon/pulsesupport.cpp e53bf2b 
  phonon/swiftslider.cpp 015d78b 
  phonon/videoplayer.cpp 8fc5f9b 
  phonon/videowidget.cpp 2bcbc3a 
  phonon/volumefadereffect.cpp e4cfece 




Jon Severinsson

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