Queue problems with Phonon-VLC

Stefan Burnicki stefan.burnicki at burnicki.net
Wed Oct 10 15:57:32 BST 2012

lately I'm experiencing problems with the phonon-vlc backend. In 
Bangarang Phonon::MediaObject's aboutToFinish() signal is connected to a 
slot. In this slot, a new queue is built and set, so Phonon can continue 
playing with the new queue.
This always worked pretty good and it still does with the 
phonon-gstreamer backend. With the phonon-vlc backend, however, Phonon 
stops playing and emits the finished() signal.

That's why I guess there is a problem in phonon-vlc with the queue 
handling. What do you think?
Here are the current versions I'm using.

libphonon4 4.6.0
vlc 2.0.2
libvlc5 2.0.2
KDE 4.9.1

Thanks in advance for your comments,

Stefan Burnicki

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