Review Request: When building Phonon five against Qt5, use qmake to detect Qt installation paths.

David Faure faure at
Fri Nov 2 10:18:15 GMT 2012

On Wednesday 31 October 2012 21:57:55 Stephen Kelly wrote:
> David Faure wrote:
> > CMakeLists.txt
> > <>
> > 
> > Steve? Something for you to add to the Qt5 cmake files?
> I don't know. Should phonon really install phonon plugins into the paths for
> *Qt* plugins and qml files?
> Is that a leftover from when phonon was part of Qt?

Right. With the frameworks idea, better install into the prefix, using the 
directories I defined in ECM (KDEInstallDirs.cmake, QT_PLUGIN_INSTALL_DIR) 

The user will have to set QT_PLUGIN_PATH if installing phonon into a different 
dir than Qt, but that's fine -- it will only have to be done once, for all of 
the frameworks installed into the same prefix.

So let's do that, rather than use qmake to detect where Qt got installed
(which could be in non-writable /usr...)

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Working on KDE, in particular KDE Frameworks 5

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