Review Request: Fix ObjectDescriptionModel<*>::staticMetaObject initialization on Qt5.

Jon Severinsson jon at
Thu Nov 1 14:03:15 GMT 2012

onsdagen den 31 oktober 2012 22:03:08 skrev  Stephen Kelly:
> My strategy so far has been 'Don't bother doing the Qt 5 porting (to
> kdesupport). Let the maintainers decide when they care about Qt 5'. 
> It's really just more for the same people (that is, the people working on
> KDE Frameworks) to maintain, so waiting for the actual maintainers (in this
> case, the phonon maintainers) to care about Qt 5 instead and doing something
> else instead could be time better spent. 
> There are many such repos where we could spend time+energy on doing
> the porting, but if 'upstream' doesn't care about Qt 5 yet, then it's not
> necessarily a good idea.
> That's just how I see it though :). You can go ahead as you wish.

While I generally agree with you, Phonon is a bit special as it is a hard
dependency of stuff in kdelibs that we actually care to frarmeworkify.
This is similar to libdbusmenu-qt, where we do use a non-upstream
patch in order to get it working on Qt5.

> Thanks,
> Steve.

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