KMix UI orientation

Trever Fischer tdfischer at
Thu May 17 19:50:59 BST 2012

I'm starting to have a look at a lot of the papercuts in kdemultimedia,
trying to polish up all the little details that bother me.

Here's my first question:

Does KMix really need vertical slider orientation?

How many people really feel that having two different layouts is a major

I've taken some screenshots of the two layouts, for reference:

Tray popup with horizontal:
Tray popup with veritcal:

Mixer dialog with horizontal:
Mixer dialog with vertical:

I propose removing the vertical layout entirely on the basis that it
makes the text look so super squished in there and takes up a *ton* of
space in the tray popup. With PulseAudio support, it is very common to
have really long labels, as you can see in my screenshots.

As far as I can tell, the only benefit a vertical layout provides to the
user is it makes it look like one of those 1980s equalizer boxes.

>From a technical aspect, removing the vertical layout would clean up a
lot of the code.

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