Phonon GStreamer 4.6.0 released

Nikos Chantziaras realnc at
Fri Feb 17 14:36:46 GMT 2012

On 17/02/12 00:38, Trever Fischer wrote:
> The Phonominals are happy to announce the immediate availability of phonon-
> gstreamer 4.6.

This seems to be finally up to par with the old Xine backend! Seeking is 
now as fast as it was with Xine and the playlist in Amarok doesn’t get 
confused anymore and skip two tracks when I click “Next”. Thanks for 
fixing those very big annoyances!

One (very) small bug remains: the fadeout setting in Amarok doesn’t work 
the first time you press “Stop” in a track. It works every subsequent 
time though. Might be an Amarok bug though, I don’t know.

Gapless now works with my Vorbis tracks. Was waiting for this for ages, 
thanks for supporting it finally! It doesn't work with my MP3 tracks 
though, even though I encoded them with LAME which outputs MP3s that 
offer gapless playback and it even works with non-Phonon players.

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