Phonon, Qt5 and Tomahawk

Teo Mrnjavac teo at
Mon Dec 24 15:14:19 GMT 2012

Dear multimedia people,

those of you who are maintaining Phonon, thanks! You rock!

Unfortunately I couldn't be in Randa for the last MM meeting so I'm a
bit out of the loop wrt Phonon. As you certainly know by now, Qt 5.0
is out, and with Tomahawk we are looking to move to it as soon as
possible, especially on Windows and OSX, while still being able to
compile with Qt 4 on Linux for the time being. Dominik has already
managed to do some rough porting of Tomahawk, but Phonon is a bit of a
stumbling block.

I'd appreciate if you could please give us an update on the current
state of the Phonon/Qt5 porting effort, and its backends.
* are there any particular blockers or is it "just" a time/manpower issue?
* is someone working on it at this time?
* do current plans require Phonon to be shipped as a framework in KF5
or can it be released separately?

Teo Mrnjavac  |  teo at

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