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Hello there list,

I'm building a Windows app which displays video files (MOV/MP4 files to be
more specific). Since the default DirectShow backend it's quite unreliable
(or it's but only if you have the appropriate codecs package installed), I
have decided to switch to the phonon-vlc backend. However, I'm a little
bit loss of what's required to make my Qt app work with the phonon-vlc

I've Google a bit, and from what I get all I need is to drop the
phonon_vlc.dll on the phonon_backend folder, and then drop the plugins on
the plugins folder (alone with some more DLLs on the app's root dir). That
did not work out for me, and after running Dependency Walker it looks like
my app is still trying to load the DirectShow backend. Do i need to
compile/link my app agains phonon-vlc?

I'm running Qt 4.8.1 (MinGW version) on Windows 7 (32 bits).

Any help is appreciated.



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