Phonon - Qt or KDE?

Trever Fischer tdfischer at
Mon Nov 14 12:40:18 GMT 2011

On Sunday, November 13, 2011 04:00:34 PM Harald Sitter wrote:
> I hope by now the extent of moving is pretty clear.
> It implies nothing but the infrastructure. The present Phonon team would
> still be in charge etc.
> So, this is really a very simple question IMHO, there is no particular
> attachment coming with a move to qtproject. If people start messing with my
> code, we could still move back :P
> As I pointed out yesterday to Michael on IRC, all this appears to be much
> less a question of infrastructure A vs. B (where B seems supperior on a
> technical level at the time of writing), but really the fundamental
> question underneath all that.
> Is Phonon a KDELibs project that just happens to bet qt-only because Qt
> wanted to adopt it, or is it a Qt project that happens to primarily
> deliver to KDE?
> Now, in the early days it clearly was former. However in recent times I do
> believe that there is quite a shift to the latter. I certainly do not make
> decisions on what benefits KDE as soon as possible, but rather what pays of
> best for all of Qt MM in the long term.
> That is really the crux here. The POV essentially dictates a lot of things.
> If it is KDE and happens to be Qt software then we'd live on KDE and
> primarily target KDE, if it works for others -> all the better. If it is
> Qt and happens to deliver to KDE then it would make a whole lot of sense
> to move to qtproject and continue to thrive there.
> Therefore I am proposing a new question. Is Phonon KDE or is it Qt?
I would like to see Phonon be Qt. I can see a number of applications for 
Phonon (hint: my employer is one major instance) that don't require a full-
fledged desktop framework and whatever other crazy awesome stuff the Frameworks 

Just my $0.02; I'm not really someone who pays attention to where phonon shows 
up and how exactly one might cater better to KDE vs Qt. I think this question 
is much better answered by outside people, especially those who don't work on 
> (Just to be sure: the community behind it certainly is KDE, but is the
> software itself?).
> BR

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