Phonon - Qt or KDE?

Harald Sitter sitter at
Sun Nov 13 21:00:34 GMT 2011

I hope by now the extent of moving is pretty clear.

It implies nothing but the infrastructure. The present Phonon team would still 
be in charge etc.

So, this is really a very simple question IMHO, there is no particular 
attachment coming with a move to qtproject. If people start messing with my 
code, we could still move back :P

As I pointed out yesterday to Michael on IRC, all this appears to be much less 
a question of infrastructure A vs. B (where B seems supperior on a technical 
level at the time of writing), but really the fundamental question underneath 
all that.

Is Phonon a KDELibs project that just happens to bet qt-only because Qt wanted 
to adopt it, or is it a Qt project that happens to primarily deliver to KDE?

Now, in the early days it clearly was former. However in recent times I do 
believe that there is quite a shift to the latter. I certainly do not make 
decisions on what benefits KDE as soon as possible, but rather what pays of 
best for all of Qt MM in the long term.

That is really the crux here. The POV essentially dictates a lot of things. If 
it is KDE and happens to be Qt software then we'd live on KDE and primarily 
target KDE, if it works for others -> all the better. If it is Qt and happens 
to deliver to KDE then it would make a whole lot of sense to move to qtproject 
and continue to thrive there.

Therefore I am proposing a new question. Is Phonon KDE or is it Qt?

(Just to be sure: the community behind it certainly is KDE, but is the 
software itself?).


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