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Sat Nov 12 00:38:35 GMT 2011

On Friday, November 11, 2011 12:59:17 Trever Fischer wrote:
> Since we can't just sit on this discussion, here's a list of pros and cons
> I've made in the case of moving from KDE to Qt
> Pros:
> * Jira
> * Gerrit

compare to KDE's infrastructure if you want to _actually_ do a pros/cons.

> * Closer to Qt developers

further from KDE developers, while KDE frameworks aims (and is achieving) 
closer to Qt developers. maybe you can do it better on your own, though.

> * Helps everyone forget about that QtMultimediaKit blunder

yes, because we need to forge that.

> * Can pull in more Qt users

unsubstantiated, and yet is the goal (backed by actions) of kde frameworks.

> * Can help find any big bumps or rough spots for other projects who would
> like to perform the same leap

so .. it helps other projects discover it's a bad idea.. hm. unique arguement!

> * Not everyone hates it

specious. wait, you used that word already, right?

> Cons:
> * Need to update all our URLs. Again.
> * Possibly involves getting a new mailing list

both trivial and non-essential; reall just lead-ins for your red herrings to 

> * Some KDE devs have an irrational fear of working with Nokia in this
> manner, much like people don't like using pgst because gstreamer isn't a
> KDE project and we hates the gee oh yes we does, precious.

yes, i hate Nokia. the people who pay me every month to continue doing what i 
am doing. get. fucking. real.

> * Really, the shed should be azure with green trim.

ah, nicely done! you paint the cons as being bikeshedders when my points, 
which have gone largely unanswered, are serious and meaningful. but hey, if 
you can't answer the claims, just downplay and trivialize them, right?

> > We'd be moving from one community to another
> Not really, since the whole goal of KDE Frameworks and open governance is
> to bring everyone together by merging large swaths of KDE code into Qt
> proper. 

you misrepresent that goal. yes, we want (and are) merging code as we can. 
however, the goal is NOT to get rid of our libraries (can't happen given Qt's 
goals) but to make them, as a combined community, attractive.

> There isn't any movement of people. I'll still use and contribute
> to KDE for many years to come. KDE folks can still use Phonon, and Qt
> folks can still use it as well. There isn't a movement at all, merely a
> relocation of where people point git and bug reports at.

indeed. away from the community that is active and supports it. genius.

also away from the community that is focussed on getting the rest of KDE's 
library offerings attractive to and used by Qt developers.

Phonon goes this direction .. it's on its own in that regard, while we work as 
a united community to get the frameworks that maintain a coordinated effort 
visible and valued by Qt devleopers. 

your choice.

> > Nokia hasn't treated us properly in the past
> Qt isn't Nokia. That statement makes an implication that we are somehow
> giving up Phonon to Nokia/Qt which is blatantly false.

no, it's about where you can likely find support in the future.

it's like a person who's boy/girlfriend beats them. you go back because "this 
time they won't do it again". meanwhile, there's another potential partner who 
won't be such a dick. you pick.

> > We'd have to port everything to use qmake instead of cmake
> All build systems suck. CMake just sucks less than others in some places.

yes, so in that case let's pick one that sucks the most. and has less 
community support. and which isn't familiar to the 90% of f/oss projects who 
use phonon. 

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