[PATCH] juk: fix showing the items of all the selected playlists.

Γιώργος Κυλάφας (Giorgos Kylafas) gekylafas at gmail.com
Mon May 23 01:26:18 BST 2011

Hi all,

I noticed that if I had selected two or more playlists on the left
side of JuK (the PlaylistBox), I could only see the contents of the
first one to the right side, instead of all of them. At first I though
this was not implemented, however, after examining the source I found
out that the functionality existed, through class DynamicPlaylist.

>From what I understand, the reason it did not work was that the
dynamic playlist was not set up properly upon creation, i.e. it was
not added to the playlist stack (a QStackedWidget) and eventually the
latter was complaining that "widget 0x... not contained in stack".

So, I propose the attached patch. In case it is approved, should I
apply it to the 4.6 branch as well?

Γιώργος Κυλάφας (Giorgos Kylafas)
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