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Sun May 22 21:11:44 BST 2011

On Sun, May 22, 2011 at 6:10 PM, Alexander Neundorf <neundorf at> wrote:
>> > I would suggest to install the buildsystem files not into share/phonon-
>> > buildsystem/, but into share/phonon/buildsystem/.
>> > Then also this generated library thingy file which is currently installed
>> > directly to CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX (I think you don't really mean that)
>> > could go e.g. into share/phonon/. Or maybe lib/phonon/.
>> What generated library thingy?
> From the bottom of the toplevel phonon CMakeLists.txt:
> # This generates a nice library descriptor to use with [1]. It also spits out
> # a script that makes installing various versions for an ABI check a lot
> easier.
> # Basically the script ends up in your build dir and by running it you will
> # get phonon installed to MAIN_SOURCE_DIR/../abi/VERSION/prefix.
> # You can then invoke the ABI check with something like:
> # -l phonon -d1  4.4.4/usr/4.4.4.xml -d2
> 4.4.57/usr/4.4.57.xml
> # [1]

Ah, yeah.
That actually is meant to be installed to CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX.

It is only meant for internal usage to conduct ABI checks before
release, by getting one version of Phonon, install it to /tmp/4.4.4/
or somesuch, get another version and install it to /tmp/4.4.57/ and
then run the abi checker on those two. Consequently the less nested
the descriptor file is the better + as it is not actually meant for
deployment it does not matter where it gets installed to anyway. The
only reason it actually can be installed at all is to conveniently
switch between branches in one git clone and retain a once created
build and descriptor (i.e. by installing a build to some directory for
ABI check later on).

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