Review Request: AvCapture test-app: show a warning if the path between the AvCapture-object and the output node cannot be created

Martin Blumenstingl darklight.xdarklight at
Sun Jan 30 02:15:26 GMT 2011

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Review request for Phonon.


I was trying out phonon's audio recording capabilities.
Thus I tried to get any sound with the avcaptureapptest.

Unfortunately Arch Linux' phonon-vlc backend is not compiled with "experimental" support.
Thus it could never have worked.

Unfortunately the user does not see that his backend does not support AvCapturing.
Only a warning on the command line (WARNING: Phonon::createPath: Cannot connect  Phonon::Experimental::AvCapture ( no objectName ) to  Phonon::AudioOutput ( no objectName ).) indicates that there's something wrong.

With my patch a warning is shown if the path could not be created.


  phonon/experimental/tests/avcaptureapptest/capture_test.cpp 35f3c3c 



The test application still starts.
The warning is shown if phonon-vlc is compiled without experimental support.
The warning is not shown if it is compiled with experimental support.



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