Phonon problems in Debian

Debian debian at
Mon Jan 10 10:04:50 GMT 2011


thanks for the quick answer! :-)

> Hi
> On Sunday 09 January 2011, Debian wrote:
>> I think the basic problem is how to configure a correct standard output
>> device for KDE?
> Phonon uses the default audio output. So this falls back on ALSA default.

So everything depends on the alsa.conf?

> If you go into System Settings -> Multimedia -> Phonon, you can select the
> audio output to use and test the choices available.

Of course i tried this.
Sometimes there are some options grayed out (the one that would be correct)?

And normally none of the outputs are working when i click on test.
But when i use aplay with the right options i can get an sound output.
That's what i cannot understand?

> `Allan

I'm on journey this week, so i can answer end of the week again.


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