Phonon release schedule 4.4.4 and 4.5.0

Mario Fux kde-ml at
Sun Jan 2 21:29:41 GMT 2011

Am Samstag 01 Januar 2011, 18.50:09 schrieb Harald Sitter:
> Hello everyone.

Morning Harald

> I just drafted up the release schedule for the next two releases of Phonon.
> The plan in a nutshell: 4.4.4 ASAP with minimal changes, 4.5.0 before
> the Randa 2011 sprint (whenever that might be) with more aggressive
> changes.

Randa 2011 is from 1st (2nd) to 6th or 7th of June 2011.

> You may find the release schedule at:
> Please note that I cherry-picked everything from git master that is of
> interest for 4.4. The 4.4. branch is now officially what will become
> 4.4.4, so if you apply changes to master please also cherry pick to
> 4.4 if necessary and desired. Should you feel that one of the tasks
> for 4.5 would interest you, please just add some note to the wiki
> saying that you are working on it.
> Looking forward to two great releases! :)

Sounds great.

> regards,


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