Phonon release schedule 4.4.4 and 4.5.0

Harald Sitter sitter at
Sat Jan 1 17:50:09 GMT 2011

Hello everyone.

I just drafted up the release schedule for the next two releases of Phonon.
The plan in a nutshell: 4.4.4 ASAP with minimal changes, 4.5.0 before
the Randa 2011 sprint (whenever that might be) with more aggressive

You may find the release schedule at:

Please note that I cherry-picked everything from git master that is of
interest for 4.4. The 4.4. branch is now officially what will become
4.4.4, so if you apply changes to master please also cherry pick to
4.4 if necessary and desired. Should you feel that one of the tasks
for 4.5 would interest you, please just add some note to the wiki
saying that you are working on it.

Looking forward to two great releases! :)

Harald Sitter
Phonon Developer

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